Roof Repair in Madison, WI

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Do You Need A Professional For Your Roof Repair

We understand that many homeowners in and around Madison like to do their own home repairs. While this may seem like a cost effective route when it comes to a roof repair, hiring a professional may actually help you save money and save costly damage.

Visible and Invisible Damage

One of the most important considerations when it comes to roof repair in Madison, or anywhere else, is that the most serious damage to your roof may not be visible. You can easily see the surface problem, especially if there are torn shingles or shakes falling to the ground, but you may not be aware of what to look for with the hidden damage.

Water damage is often a big issue when there are roofing problems. Water damage cannot be fixed just by replacing the shingles, and when left untreated, the problem can rapidly spread.

Inside Leaks and Roof Repair

Performance Exteriors - Roof RepairYou do need to call a professional to complete your roof repair if the leak has reached the point where you can see water stains on your ceiling or running down your walls. In Madison, winter freezing and thawing can easily create ice dams in gutters and back up water under the shingles. Simply removing the ice doesn’t stop the problem; you will often need additional roof repair.

In addition, if the roof leak seems to be running along a roof joist or coinciding with a valley or a ridge on your roof, you will need to get a professional involved. In some cases, these types of leaks may be a sign that the entire roof needs to be replaced due to degradation of the existing shingles or roofing materials.

Have a professional come in and check your roof repair needs in Madison if you have any concerns. We provide a free no-obligation consultation that will help you understand your options.