9 Home Exterior Holiday Decorating Tips

The holiday season is here! But before you dig up all your holiday decorations, check out our 9 Home Exterior Holiday Decorating Tips to help get you started on the right path.

Holiday Decorating Tips - PE&C

1. Have a plan. Walk around your home and measure the areas you plan to decorate. Pinterest and Instagram are a great place to find holiday décor inspiration.

2. Weather-permitting. Don’t attempt to hang lights or decorations during wet or icy conditions.

3. Tidy up. If you’re using holiday decorations that require being plugged in, clean the area you plan to secure or hang the item. Debris such as leaves, sticks, etc. can become a fire hazard.

4. Use lights or decorations that are outdoor rated. Check the label or box for the rating: outside, inside, or indoor/outside.

5. Test your lights. Before you start hanging lights plug them in and make sure they work. Now you can replace burned out light bulbs safely on the ground.

6. Plug into weather-resistant receptacles or outdoor-rated extensions. Don’t compromise on safety when it comes to you and those who reside with you in your home.

7. Familiarize yourself with ladder safety. Inspect your ladder before every use and only use a ladder that is tall enough for the job. Follow the guidelines and precautions recommended by your ladder’s manufacturer.

8. Don’t screw, nail, tack or staple into your roof, siding, or gutters. Doing so may result in damage to your exterior of your home and possibly void its warranty. Instead, use plastic clips or hangers.

9. Unplug or turn off your lights before bed. Alternatively, invest in a timer that will automatically turn-off your decorative lighting.