Vinyl Siding in Madison, WI

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Why Vinyl Siding Is A Great Choice

If you own a home in Madison, WI and are considering updating the exterior of your home, then you really do need to consider the benefits of vinyl siding.

Variety - Vinyl siding comes in a very diverse selection of colors, textures and profiles as well as wood, stone, and slate architectural accents. The Vinyl Siding Institute has tested and certified 350 colors for color retention. Now you can expect the the same performance out of deeper, bolder colors that in the past you would only expect to see in lighter colors.

Durability - Vinyl siding is able to handle the heat and the cold along with high winds and moisture, all the while keeping up its’ original appearance for a long period of time.

Ease of Installation - Not only is vinyl siding lightweight, but it is one of the easiest types of siding to install. It can also be installed over existing siding materials making it not only a great choice for a new home, but also for an exterior remodel project.

Maintenance - Unlike wood, vinyl siding will not rot or crack. Insects have no use for it at all. And finally to clean it requires nothing more than a little soap and water.

Low Cost - Of all the exterior siding products you can choose from, vinyl siding is the least expensive, both because of the relatively low cost of production and also because the ease of installation keeps the labor costs down.

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