Vinyl Siding in Madison, WI

Performance Exteriors - Vinyl Siding


MULTITUDE OF COLORS & STYLES – Vinyl siding offers virtually an endless range of styles, colors and textures, making it easy to design for any style. The Vinyl Siding Institute has tested and certified more than 400 colors for color retention, allowing for the same performance out of deeper, bolder colors that were only achievable in the lighter color spectrum.

DURABILITY – Long-term durability, capable of handling the extreme range of Wisconsin weather. Additionally, multiple attachment points create a superior wind resistance minimum of 110 MPH. Combined with a moisture resistant advanced UV-resistant coating, vinyl siding is able to look new for years.

EASE OF INSTALLATION – compared to other siding products, vinyl’s lightweight design and multiple attachment points create a quick and easy installation process.  

MINIMAL MAINTENANCE – Refresh your vinyl siding once a year with mild soap and water and you’re good to go. No painting required!

COST EFFECTIVE – Of all the exterior siding options, vinyl siding is the least expensive, both because of the relatively low maintenance and the ease of installation, saving time and money.

CERTIFIED INSTALLERPerformance Exteriors & Contracting has the years of training, experience, and installation certification from the Vinyl Siding Institute.

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