Your home is your biggest investment, and protecting it is essential. That’s why your homeowner’s insurance exists. When a storm rolls through and leaves your roof leaking, your siding ripped, and your windows shattered, do you file an insurance claim? The answer, in most cases, is always yes.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Prepare for the future: Your premiums were meticulously calculated to safeguard against unforeseen damage. Filing a claim isn’t a burden, it’s utilizing the very purpose of your insurance, ensuring your future security.
  • Protect your investment: Delayed repairs lead to further deterioration, escalating costs and jeopardizing your home’s value. Proactive repair or replacement through an insurance claim mitigates these risks and safeguards your biggest investment.
  • Minimize stress and uncertainty: Storm damage is disruptive enough. Let your insurance company and contractor do the heavy lifting.

Remember, filing a claim is not a sign of weakness; it’s a strategic decision. It demonstrates your commitment to protecting your assets and prioritizing peace of mind. Take decisive action, consult your insurance provider, choose a qualified contractor, and weather the storm with confidence.

Bonus tip: Document the damage with photos and videos before making any repairs. With a storm damage restoration specialist like Performance Exteriors & Contracting, we can help ensure you provide accurate documentation for your claim and facilitate a smooth claims process.

Stay prepared, stay protected, and weather any storm with the power of your insurance and storm damage restoration crew.

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