Wisconsin weather can be wild! One minute you’re basking in sunshine, the next you’re battling a blizzard that turns your house into a disaster zone. Roofs fly off, walls get soaked, and windows become peepholes for the wind. If this ever happens to you, don’t panic! Here’s a quick guide to fixing your house after a storm:

  1. Damage Check: Grab your phone and snap pics of the mess. Missing roof shingles? Siding hanging on by a thread? Gutters overflowing like a bathtub? Take pictures and videos of everything! These will help you and your insurance company figure out what needs fixing.
  2. Insurance SOS: Remember that insurance you pay for every month? Now’s the time to use it! Contact your insurance about storm damage to your home following the recent weather event. They’ll send someone to check things out and see what’s covered.
  3. Contractor: Treat your storm-battered house like you treat your health – pick the best care possible. Skip unqualified contractors and find a reliable, experienced contractor to help with your storm damage restoration. Here’s what to look for:
    • Local Experts: Choose a crew familiar with your area and its building rules. They’ll know the ins and outs like the back of their hand.
    • Licensed and Insured: Make sure they’re legit! They should have state permission to build stuff and insurance for any accidents.
    • Good Reputation: Check online reviews and ask around. If everyone raves about them, you know they’re rockstar fixers.
    • Full Service: Find a team who can handle it all, from leaky roofs to broken  siding. 
    • Storm Damage Restoration Vets: Don’t let rookies touch your home! Choose a crew who’s seen it all, from blizzards to tornadoes. They’ll restore your home, making you feel safe and cozy again.
    • Clear Communication: Communication should be an open two-way street, from start to finish! You and your contractor should be on the same page. Get a written plan before they start with all the details: what’s getting fixed, how much it costs, and when your home will be back to normal. 
    • Warranty: Don’t worry about things breaking later. Choose a crew with a warranty that means they’ll be back to assess the issue. Read the fine print!
    • Bonus Tip: Quality matters! Don’t just pick the cheapest option. If your insurance is paying to put a Ferrari on your roof, don’t choose estimates for an Impala (or something else that doesn’t compare). Choose a crew who’ll do the job right the first time.
  4. Fix-It Plan: Talk to your contractor about what needs to be done. Do you need a whole new roof or just some missing shingles patched up? Does your siding look like a patchwork quilt, or can it be saved? Your contractor will work with your insurance to review your itemized list of coverage to ensure everything that’s damaged will be repaired or replaced. 
  5. Home Sweet Home Again: With the plan in place, your contractor crew will work their magic. They’ll patch up your roof, fix your siding, repair overflowing gutters, and even put in new windows if needed. Soon, your house will be back to being your cozy haven, safe from even the wildest Wisconsin weather.

Remember, you’re not alone! With a little knowledge, your insurance backing you up, and a great contractor like us at Performance Exteriors & Contracting by your side, you can turn your storm-battered house back into a home sweet home in no time!

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